Since 1978 the Indiana Horse Council has produced 38 successful Expos. The goal of Expo 2017 and the Indiana Horse Council is to strengthen equine-related businesses, organizations, non-profits and professionals by producing an event that promotes the proper care, horse management, horsemanship and pure enjoyment of the animal loved by horse enthusiasts of all disciplines, ages and special interests.

Vendor info: 765.524.1383 or 317.800.5019

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Our 2017 Featured Hotel


Need Hotel Rooms? Click Here for more information on our Featured Hotel


Vendors please check in at the Vendor office located on the North West corner of West Pavilion.
Check in: -Wed. 9 am. 10 p.m.(bulk space vendors)
                  Thurs. 9 am-10 p.m. (all other vendors)
Tradeshow times:
                Friday 8 am.-7 p.m. (Youth Pav. open for evening Celebrity Cutting)
                Saturday 8 am.-7 p.m.(Blue Ribbon open for evening Saturday Night Showcase ( vendors optional to stay open in Blue Ribbon during Showcase)
                Sunday 8:00-5:00 p.m.
                Sunday 5 pm. (NO  teardown until after show closes)



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