2018 Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo:

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Hannah Barden


Hannah Barden is a horse trainer and clinician from Northern Indiana. Hannah has loved horses since she was a small girl. Growing up in a family that didn’t have horses, Hannah was determined to own one of these beautiful creatures. By the age 13, she had worked hard and purchased her own riding pony. At age 14, she purchased her first un-started pony, “Hurricane.” Having trained dogs with great success, Hannah tackled the job of training Hurricane. She trained her to ride, pull a cart, lead with no halter or lead rope, and even lay down. By age 16, Hannah had grown too big to ride her ponies, and put them up for sale. A woman who was interested in purchasing Hurricane, asked Hannah to train her pony that she was intending to sell. Hannah agreed, and began working with other people’s horses on a regular basis. Hannah realized that she has a God given talent for working with people and their horses. Hannah owns Faith Training Center, a successful equine facility in Northern Indiana, with her husband Adam and 5 children.