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Julie Dillon

julie-dillon2017Julie Dillon is a native of Texas now living in New England. She has traveled all over the country teaching gaited equitation and lecturing on the joys riding the four beat “glide ride” of the Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotting Horse and other gaited breeds. Julie is a Certified Riding Instructor with CHA and also a Certified Trainer with National Walking Horse Association. She is a proud member of Friends of Sound Horses and supports the Sound Horse Movement by the promotion of classic Dressage training techniques and equitation for Gaited Horses and their owners.

Then and now, the safety of the rider is always first and foremost in Julie’s instructional program which covers all aspects of equine management, horsemanship and care. She   teaches riding techniques which help the rider bring the horse into balance, relaxation and proper rhythm. Riders develop tools to recognize, reward and retain four beat way of going. Smooth Gaits are best achieved when both horse and rider learn to use their core strength with every ride and every stride!

Julie is a Dressage Team Show Coach and her students have won multiple Championships with their Gaited Horses in the Dressage Arena.   Since beginning her career in Dressage Competition in 2007, she has earned multiple local, regional and national Dressage Championship Awards in open Gaited Dressage Competition at Second Level. In 2017, Julie and her Missouri Fox Trotting Horse “Prince Jester’s Request” will begin Gaited Dressage Testing at Third Level!

In her spare time, Julie’s first love is exploring the beautiful trails of New England on her Gaited Horses with her friends and students.