2018 Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo:

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Michael Gascon

michael-gascon2017Michael Gascon was raised on a horse farm with both parents being renowned horse trainers. He has never known life without horses. They are a way of life for both him, his sister, parents and grandparents. Michael grew up traveling and showing and became accustomed to frequently being in new towns with new audiences. From a very young age it became obvious that Michael has an amazing gift to bond quickly with horses. This allows him to thrive in competition. He has always been able to connect with a new horse, go out the very same day and compete and look as though both he and the horse have known each other for years. This gift has allowed him to win numerous National, Grand National and World Championships. Michael has conquered his dream for competition in the show ring and now has a heart to become the next great clinician, teacher and entertainer. He is passionate about teaching and helping others better understand, bond with and enjoy their horses and is being blessed to travel worldwide while doing clinics as well as teaching at his Gascon Horsemanship Academy where he resides in Poplarville, Mississippi. Although Michael specializes in the fine step and gait of the Paso Fino Breed his years of experience allows him to train and work with many different horse breeds. Michael’s favorite part of horse training is Colt Starting and was excited when he was contacted to compete in the 2016 SEFHA Colt Starting Challenge and won. Michael’s talent, high energy and creativity has also been brought to light when he starred in the first ever Paso Viral Video “Jurassic Paso Park” with over 50 million views worldwide while being featured on CNN, ESPN, Telemundo and numerous local news stations from Coast to Coast. He also rode for Luke Perry as a stunt double in the movie “A Fine Step” which starred his favorite horse Tito. Tito is a 10 year old Grand National Champion Paso Fino Stallion. Together Michael and Tito show the versatility, poise and beauty of the Paso breed during the “Mike and Tito Light Show”. They have been featured in venues such as Road to the Horse, The Celebration, the 76th Germantown Horse Show, The Hoosier Horse Fair and the list goes on and on. Michael is evidence of what hard work and a positive and energetic attitude are capable of. He feels blessed and is grateful to have been raised in a horse loving family. It has allowed him to grow, experience and now share his love and passion for horses and people and the amazing bond that can be made between them.