2018 Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo:

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Stefanie Reinhold


Stefanie Reinhold is passionate about resolving pain and trauma-related behavioral and performance issues in recreationally used sport horses. She is a certified equine massage and Masterson Method® practitioner and former instructor, and – with a background in training– combines bodywork with targeted exercises to address performance issues. In her Path to Performance™ clinics, Stefanie teaches how to recognize restrictions that lead to performance decline and how to resolve and release these restrictions by guiding the horse through targeted exercises. This three-prong approach – relax, supple, gymnasticize – combines bodywork, behavioral approaches, and the teachings of classical German horsemanship. The result is improved performance and often an improved attitude and willingness in the horse.

During the past nine years, Ms. Reinhold has worked with well over 2,000 different horses, including champion endurance horses, top breeding studs, and all kinds of pleasure horses – both in the US and Germany. With Jim Masterson (Masterson Method™), she co-authored the book “Beyond Horse Massage” and has published her English translation of the HDV12 German Cavalry Manual (original source of the ‘Training Scale’) through Xenophon Press (2014).