Attend A Clinic

We are delighted to present our
2019 Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo
Clinician Ride and Participation Opportunities

2019 Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo Schedule

  • Each rider/participant is required to be in proper attire (long pants and boots) and are strongly encouraged to wear a helmet.
  • All riders/participant under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet.
  • Each participant will be coached in front of a live audience and should be aware of how your horse handles the situation they are being placed in.
  • All horses require a stall. For the safety of all involved, there will be no tie outs to trailers permitted for Clinicians participants.
  • Horses are to be walked to appropriate areas and not ridden on the grounds outside of designated areas.
  • Each application will be reviewed prior to acceptance into the program. Accepted applicants will be contacted via phone or email. We reserve the right decline an application for any reason.

2019 Student Application

Pat Parelli – Horsemanship

Ken McNabb – Western Riding/Horsemanship
Daniel Stewart – Dressage & Show Jumping
Terry Myers – Ranch Riding
Tarrin Warren – Working Equitation
Sheryl Strathman – Cowboy Dressage
Steve Edwards – Mules & Donkeys
Michael Gascon – Gaited Horses
Nat Stewart – Team Roping
Melissa Ashcraft – Dressage & Trick Riding
Robert “TrailMiester” Eversole – Trail Riding
Martin Schwartz – Ranch Riding
Natasha Hockaden – Mounted Archery