Booth Space

Standard booth spaces available in the the Expo Hall and the South Hall. Email for information on booth space rental.


10 x 10 Booth   $525.00
10 x 10 Corner Booth   $580.00
10 x 20 Booth   $825.00
10 x 20 Corner Booth   $880.00
10 x 30 Booth   $1,050.00
10 x 30 Corner Booth   $1,105.00
10 x 10 Nonprofit Booth   $300.00

Bulk Space

Bulk Space can be ordered below. Indoor bulk rates are a minimum of 500 square feet and outdoor bulk space rates are a minimum of 400 square feet. Indoor bulk space is available in the Small Animal Pavilion and in the Sheep and Goat Pavilion. There will be select indoor bulk spaces available in the Swine Pavilion and Beef Pavilion. Outdoor bulks space will be available along the promenade. Calculate your needed square footage and enter in the amount in the quantity box. Email for information on bulk space rental.

Indoor Bulk Space $2.00 a square foot (minimum 500 sq ft)
Outdoor Bulk Space $2.00 a square foot (minimum 400 sq ft)