Christie King Moree

dock_christie_king_moreeChristie King Moree lives in Kokomo, Indiana, and owns and operates Iron Horse Stables, alongside her husband David; where many “Performance Champions” are raised and campaigned, Including Docs Codalena King, the Highest Percentage Black Foundation Quarter Horse Stallion in the United States.

Christie has been an approved Multi-Breed Judge for over 30 years, Traveling coast to coast judging 40 plus shows a year; many ” World Class Events”.  In addition to judging shows she is also approved to Officiate at all judging team events including Inter-Collegiate and High School IEA Team events.

Christie prides herself in her Cherokee Indian Heritage and being able to see “Balance, Rhythm, and Cadence at a blink of an eye! All attributed to watching her Dad’s race horses run on the track as a kid. “When a horse is not balanced, he has no rhythm and the cadence to carry himself at Lightning Speeds”. Thus, picking out the “Best Movers” became easy and “Lightning Fast” as she stepped inside the show pen as a judge…

For an interesting lecture on what makes a judge tick, making the Decisions they make wither it be at your local County Fair or at a World Caliper Show join Christie where she will open the door “On the Critical Eye of the Judge”.