Greg Darnall

Considered one of the great treasures of Texas, internationally lauded master silversmith and metal working artisan Greg Darnall has redefined how equine enthusiasts approach and apply bits and spurs for improved control, comfort and ultimately improved horsemanship for over a half-century..

Greg’s designs and theories on improved response and understanding between rider and mount have transformed handling techniques on multiple levels. Even the earliest Darnall custom bits are still in service today, along with a long line of hardware created by bit makers inspired by Greg’s innovative designs.

Greg’s educational DVD, entitled Education vs. Domination. What Role Does The Bit Play?, is considered the worldwide gold standard for riders ranging from world champions to beginners. The easy-to-follow instructional guide covers topics ranging from Anatomy of the Mouth and Anatomy of the Bit to x-ray demonstrations of how bits from Snaffle to Spade work in horses’ mouths.

Beyond horsemanship, Greg stands tall as an advocate and leader for keeping the cowboy culture of the American West both alive and relevant. In Greg’s own worlds, “If we don’t keep our American traditions alive, we’ll lose a significant part of our nation’s character and the values which have guided the real America for over two centuries.”