Kateri Cowley

Kateri Cowley’s Experience with horses began from riding and training world famous herd of 40-80 trail horses at Rafter Six Ranch in the Canadian Rockies, to starting Cutting horses in Texas, Wrangling movie horses and teaching actors riding skills, stunt doubling in several movies and television including Heartland, starting Race horses in Kentucky and Extreme Cowboy Racing including the first woman to win the coveted Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge Championship.

Kateri believes in creating bonds with horses through partnership and expanding the communication barriers between equine and human. Much success in learning this communication has been found beyond the arena walls where horses prey instincts come into play, and finding a bond of bravery and communication.

One of the ways this is achieved is through obstacle training. Kateri’s ways of explaining and translating is both educational and entertaining. Come watch Kateri at the 40th Anniversary Hoosier Horse Fair in Indiana April 6-8, 2018.