Linda Copeland

 Linda started working with horses when she was 9 years old. In her early days she enjoyed jumping horses. She started competing in eventing, but in those days in the Midwest, there were not many shows and the eventing was not very organized. So she changed to the hunter/jumper show ring, along with the dressage ring. Throughout her years in these arenas, she became quite accomplished and won many championships with multiple horses and ponies. Then the passion for eventing won her over again with the expansion of eventing in the Midwest. Once again Linda exceled in the eventing world with multiple awards with multiple horses. Then Linda turned to carriage driving, her new passion. This passion was fueled by the family atmosphere at most driving events, much unlike the eventing or hunter/jumper atmosphere. Linda started her driving by training one of her jumping quarter horses to drive, he was a good start but would never be competitive. Next she purchased 3 Haflingers, she was successful with a single pony and then started working a pair of the Haflingers. During this time she had started breeding Shire-Thoroughbred crosses, Warmbloods. She missed working with her horses, and went back to driving her warmbloods. She was very successful with several of her warmbloods, once again winning multiple championships. Linda’s new challenge was to drive a pair of horses. After unsuccessful attempts to start unbroken pairs of horses, she decided to go overseas to purchase a going pair of horses, that she could learn how to drive a pair. The pair she imported were still a bit on the green side, she was able to learn how to drive a pair and they flourished. Improving each year, wining multiple awards while moving up the levels. Then 2008 a friend asked to use 2 of Linda’s horses in his 4-in-hand team he was putting together for the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in 2010 in Lexington. So for the next 2 years, Linda traveled all over the country helping qualify this team for the WEG and finally competing at the WEG.

Currently Linda is working with several projects; An upper level Warm Blood single horse, an upper level single Half Arab pony, a green paint single horse and a green pair of Arab ponies.

When Linda changed to the carriage driving discipline she founded a carriage driving club in Indiana, Indiana Whips & Wheels, Inc. (IWWI). She was president for many years and has held an office for most of the clubs 20 years of existence. She has actively participated in the running of the Indiana Combined Driving event for most of the 25 years of the show existence. This show has grown to be one of the biggest combined driving events in the United States. She has designed and built the course obstacles at the Hoosier Horse Park (HHP).