Robert “Trailmeister” Eversole

Robert Eversole


Robert Eversole “The TrailMeister”- Owns and operates the largest horse trail and horse camp guide in the world,

Robert founded when he found that accurate trail information wasn’t easily available for trail riders and horse campers. A decade later, is the largest guide to horse riding and camping areas in the world; with free trail and trailhead information, trail maps, and much more to help outdoor enthusiasts experience the joys of trail riding.

Active in the equine community, Robert is a PATH intl. Registered Instructor with over a decade of experience helping individuals with special needs experience the rewarding benefits of equine-assisted activities.

Working full time helping horse and mule riders find the straight scoop on new places to ride and camp Robert has found himself a highly-requested clinician at equine events around the nation where he shares his knowledge of trail riding, camping with livestock, and trail safety with horse and mule groups.

When he’s not speaking with horse and mule riders at events across the US, writing regular feature columns in leading equine publications, Robert can be found riding and camping across the country.