Terry Myers

terry_myersTerry Myers is a leading trainer, teacher, judge and national clinician, but above all he is a true horseman. Myers has successfully trained and competed with stock and hunter horses at state, national and world competition. But he doesn’t just train the show horse. His training is for all horses regardless of the discipline because it incorporates work with both horse and rider to achieve balanced movements. His Ride -in-Sync™ philosophy helps teach riders to improve control and performance by understanding how their body position affects their horse’s movement. Through Terry’s 45 years of experience in and out of the show ring as well as his work with thousands of horses and riders, he has developed coaching and training methods that are easily understood and put to use. Terry conducts training clinics in horsemanship, ranch riding, showmanship, trail, ground work and problem solving at the Terry Myers Training Center and at horse expos and facilities across the United States and Canada. Terry is located in central Ohio where he has owned and operated the Terry Myers Training Center since 1983. His current passion includes teaching, training and showing ranch pleasure/ranch riding and ranch trail. Learn more about Terry and his training programs at www.tmtrainingcenter.com and join him on facebook.