Tina Ann Riddle

Tina Ann Riddle, Instructor and Therapist
Tina has an extensive professional medical background of over 29 years. Her special passion for helping
others, finding problems, and healing people and horses has allowed Tina to advance her career and
continue her education.
Tina is a Certified Best-Vet Instructor and board certified equine massage therapist. Tina incorporates
Microcurrent therapy into her massage therapy resulting in horses that are rested, relaxed, and
rejuvenated. Microcurrent therapy can greatly reduce physical strain, improving career longevity while
multiplying the benefits to the horse. As a Certified Best Vet Instructor, Tina has the knowledge and
ability to treat horses safely and effectively and is qualified to teach individuals how to use the device
for personal use on their own horses.
Tina is located in the Midwest Region where she is promoting her passion for horses in her newly built
facility, TNT Ranch, located in Greenfield, IN. Tina enjoys barrel racing and is a member of AQHA, IBRA,
IHC and NBCAAM. Tina offers therapy sessions that include the Best-Vet, Microcurrent and a variety of
therapy tools.
Email: tinrid@aol.com
Facebook: T N T Ranch, LLC
Contact: 317.374.2176



ashley_powersAshley Powers is a dressage rider and equine therapist with a background in Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, and Pony Club. Since 2007 she has co-managed her family-owned boarding and training facility, Jewel of the Valley Equine, located in Oregon City, Oregon.

Around that time she was first introduced to Microcurrent by a boarder who had an injured horse. She saw the remarkable benefits and quickly started incorporating it into her own business. Over the years, she discovered and added a variety of  ways to holistically help horses in her care with therapies such as iontophoresis, light therapy, sound wave therapy, and VibraVM respiratory therapy, in addition to microcurrent.

Through her experience in training and boarding she has dealt with a wide array of injuries and has seen time and time again how valuable these therapies are and how much they help horses heal and perform at their best. Her diverse experiences allow her to bring a wealth of knowledge and a tailored approach to issues that appear under saddle using with the therapy options that will best suit the horse’s needs. And, to help more horse owners understand and utilize microcurrent, Ashley became a Certified Microcurrent and Best-Vet Instructor in 2017.