Beverly Brady

Beverly Brady-CESMT/CERT/HTAL2
Prior to my equine life I attended the University of Cincinnati, I was in the Nursing program-I have several credits in Algebra, sociology, Psychology, Chemistry, English.
Bought my first horse in 1988
Dressage instruction 1991-2000 up to 2nd Level 
1997-1999 Apprenticed with Dr. Mark Haverkos, assisting on calls with the Horses, learning from him about skeletal evaluation, subluxations, etc. continued after becoming a CESMT in 1999. Worked alongside him for 5yrs, 1-2 nights per week. I still work with him when I can, and he contacts me for his clients that need Massages. Recently started also working with Dr. Ron Leick, board member and  tester for the AVCA.
CESMT 1999
HTA LEVEL 1 2003 (Healing Touch for Animals)

HTA LEVEL 2 2004

2 Day Chiropractic Seminar/Clinic hosted for Dr. Kamen
4 yrs Internship with Dr. Nancy Nicholson Equine Biomechanics  (working with Nancy on a weekly basis, learning correctness from her, sitting at shows with her, lessons, etc. to learn what is correct and what is not)
2017 Reiki 1
Developed Rehab Therapies over the years to help horses with EPM, Arthritis, Cold and Sway Back, Chronic Bucking problems.