Blue Ribbon Days 6-Horse Hitch with Dean Woodbury

The Indiana Horse Council has been putting on the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo for the past 40 years and the Blue Ribbon Days 6-Horse Hitch with Dean Woodbury has been a main attraction at the HHFE every year since 1978. Make sure to check these amazing Percherons driven by Dean Woodbury each day at the HHFE. They will also be performing in the Friday Night Thunder and the Saturday Night Showcase. Get your tickets today!
OWNERS—Albert & Karen Cleve, Farmington, MO and Jim & Peggy Day, Bradgate, IA
DRIVERS NAME—Dean Woodbury, Winchester, IN
STAFF NAMES—Kelly Woodbury, Alli Woodbury and Cody Woodbury
PREVIOUS WINS/AWARDS—Past year awards, Winning Six Mare Hitch at MGLI, Ohio State Fair, Minnesota State Fair and NAILE. Have bred 3 World Champions and numerous National Champions.
DESCRIPTION OF WAGON/HISTORY—Tommy Lawrence built the wagon in 2000. It is a new roller bearing gear and sized to fit our mare hitch. The bright yellow compliments our all black hitch of mares
HISTORY OF FARM—The farms are two separate breeding farms, having raised about 500 foals combined. Jim and Peggy started their breeding program in 1980. In 1988 they purchased a yearling stallion, MG’s Prince, which would change the Percheron breed. Prince produced 3 World Champions, Sterling’s Thunderstik, Pleasant View King and Blue Ribbon Farms Prince. The majority of the mare hitch descends from MG’s Prince. Albert and Karen started their breeding program and hitching mares in 1986. The Blue Ribbon Farm has produced 3 World Champions, Blue Ribbon Farms Hercules, Blue Ribbon Farms Prince and Blue Ribbon Farms Unique, who is currently anchoring the right wheel of our hitch. The farms combined their mares in 2000 and started to campaign a six horse hitch of mares under the partnership of Blue Ribbon Days. The yellow wagon has become a crowd favorite at many of the hitch competitions throughout the US.
WHY DO YOU LOVE THE CLASSIC SIX SERIES—The Classic Series brings the cream to the top. Hitches compete against each other hitches throughout North America. Four hitches from each breed with the most points become eligible to compete in the Classic Series Finals. Blue Ribbon Days is very pleased to qualify and compete in this elite group of hitches.
OTHER INTERESTING NOTES OF OWNERS/DRIVERS/HORSES—Our partnership is unusual. When Dean and Kelly Woodbury agreed to manage our horses, Blue Ribbon needed to acquire a few more hitch mares. Jim and Peggy said they had some and would contribute them to the hitch. Thus Blue Ribbon Days was born and now with such a great relationship with the Woodbury’s, they now own a mare in the hitch which makes us a trio partnership, which is enjoyed by all…..