Saturday Night Showcase

Saturday Night Showcase Lineup:

6th Ohio Calvary
Elaina Schmersey
IHC Queen and courts
Indiana Horse Council Foundation Scholarships
Jesse Peters
Keith Ferrell /stage coach
Light Wars
Michael Burnett
Mid Amercian Cowgirl Drill Team
Shadow Lane Montag
Shelby Winsted
Tonda Burgin
Woodbury 6 Horse Hitch
Yvonne Barteau


Shadow Montag

Shadow Montag was born in 1993 in the rolling hills of Eastern Ohio and raised knowing how to grab an audience’s attention and entertain a crowd. Show business is in his blood. With a Father who was a Professional Bull Rider and a Mother who manage their Rodeos, Shadow was destined to be part of the show from a very young age. Shadow’s love of horses soon became a passion that words cannot describe for him. With a Rodeo Arena and Bull Pen in his back yard Shadow literally grew up around and in the rodeo. Shadow quickly learned to ride before he could put sentences together with the few words he could speak at such a young age. Shadow’s Show Business career was born. First as a small child in the family rodeo where he performed as a youth “clowning” for the Sheep Riders and entertaining the crowd for years…until a Trick Horse Rider caught young Shadow’s eye and peaked a new interest in him. No one could have predicted the extent to which Shadow would take his riding and performance passion and skills. As Shadow watched family friend and trick rider, Shelly Bicknell, perform her skill inside the ring he was enthralled with aw, wonder, and excitement. After a few introductory lessons from Bicknell, Shadow was hooked. His drive to learn combined with his passion for horses and show business made this something he was determined to excel at. At the age of thirteen Shadow and his twelve year old sister traveled to Colorado where they attended a professional training clinic for Trick Riding being schooled by legends in the Trick Riding industry Karen Vold and Linda Scholtz. His sister Dallas no longer performs with him as the brother and sister duo team because she has sustained a back injury and had to retire from trick riding. Shadow has also been instrumental in conducting several riding camps and shared his talents giving numerous riding lessons. Since then Shadow has taken his riding and performing skills, along with his dare devil attitude and striking good looks to become a star act in rodeos, county fairs, and even the Pro Rodeo Finals in Nashville, TN. Shadow has performed for thousands from Mississippi east thru the Mid-West and Eastern United States, including two tours dedicated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Shadow’s breathtaking act includes his Signature Trick performing a Full Back Flip from the back of his horse. Shadow keeps his audience on the edge of their seat as he performs Vaults and Drags making them seem effortless. With a mere 100 Trick Riders in the United States, Shadow has built upon his natural live performance and unique riding skills, along with his star quality good looks, and taken his career to a new level being signed as a model for the MTM Agency as well as catching the eye of Hollywood to expand his career and thespian skills in show business with two lead roles in Ben Mathus’ “Enter the Zombie 3D” Motion Picture




Dave Jave- Amazing Magic and fun

Douglas Jave is an experienced Magician and Illusionist with more than 15 years of experience putting smiles on the face of children and adults with his unique style, charming personality and amazing tricks.









Elaina Schmersey

Elaina Schmersey, owner of Fancy Mount Farm in Talking Rock GA, has been riding and training for over 25 years. She has attended Lake Erie College on an Equestrian Scholarship and competed on the schools winning Prix de Ville Dressage Team.  Over the years, Elaina perfected her training skills in dressage, liberty and trick training. She was selected to be one of the top trainers to compete in the 2015 Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL) Rescue Challenge that is held at the University of GA livestock



pavilion. Elaina won the competition with a rescue horse named Peaches. She showed her skills in training a rescue horse in 120 days to be safe, controlled, and secured the win with a trick training act of a bull fighter. Elaina and Maggie (who is also an Arabian rescue horse found on the streets in GA) won the 2016 NBRC Advanced Extreme Trail Challenge in GA. Finding her love of Entertainment, Elaina entered the 2017 Midwest Horse Fair’s Epic Night of the Horses Star Search performing the a new Star Wars theme act called Light Wars. This exciting act and new ones will be at the Southern Equine Expo and the Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo in 2018. Elaina is also currently traveling and performing with her Arabians and doing clinics to teach others to empower their horses.






Jordyn Delmet

Jordyn has been riding horses for over 16 years and has competed successfully in English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, and Competitive Trail. Winning numerous awards over the years in extreme obstacles, her passion in training horses has successfully brought her to working with rescue horses at Fancy Mount Farm. Jordyn worked at one of the most famous resorts in the US, the “C Lazy U Ranch” in Granby, CO. The ranch is over 90years old and is ranked 13th in the world. There she cared for over 200 horses, herding, feeding, tacking, vet care and teaching lessons and trail safety.  Responsible for leading guests on the trails through the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Jordyn’s focused on “safe rider” education. She won the 2016 NBRC Novice Extreme Trail Challenge in GA. Entering the 2017 Midwest Horse Fair’s Epic Night of the Horses Star Search with Elaina Schmersey she performed the villain Kylo Ren in a new Star Wars theme act called Light Wars. Jordyn is continuing to perform entertainment with the Fancy Mount Farm performance act team, which most recently surprised the crowd with performances at the GERL Rescue Challenge and new acts in 2018 at the Southern Equine Expo and the Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo.










Julie Richards

Julie has been riding and training horses for 27 years. Starting with a solid foundation, Julie learned dressage and jumping. Her passion in Eventing has leaded her to a career with horse. She attended William Woods University. She completed her B.S degree in Equestrian Science, and expanded to riding Saddle Seat, Western, and even Driving. Continued her teaching and training skills, she has helped her client’s develop new experiences to build a deeper relationship with their horse. Julie has taken her expertise in working with young horses and rescues to make them easy to handle for their owners. Thus their owners gain confidence and knowledge that will keep them safe and building a long lasting bond. Winning numerous Buckle Series in Extreme Obstacle Challenges, Julie has also expanded her own experience to cow sorting and trick training. Julie recently joined the Fancy Mount Farm performance act team, where her experience in dressage and trick training is adding to the team’s creative entertainment experience. Julie will be performing at the Hoosier Equine Fair and Expo in a full Colonial Soldier costume for an exciting new Pirate Act with the team.














Jennifer Gatrel, coach of Pegasus, has been teaching kids to love horses for more then 20 years. Her passion began when she herself was a child. She grew up in a youth equine entertainment group called Rodeo Kids. There she learned horsemanship, trick riding, drill riding, and more in a fun but competitive environment.  “Growing up we learned through games and competitions. I learned to love to ride, compete, push myself through play”.  She went on to perform at the Dixie Stampede and at rodeos, wild west shows, and expos throughout the country. Her greatest passion has always been teaching. She loves to get kids to love, respect, and want to ride horses. “I think the key is to keep it fun and keep it light. We teach through a series of fun games. For example a simple game of red light, green light can transform a boring lesson into a delightful game that kids will beg for. All while teaching soft hands and a solid stop. I am passionate about keeping learning about horses fun and enjoyable”. Jennifer and the kids of Pegasus Riders will demonstrate to the audience simple proven horse games to improve horsemanship, safety, and fun!!  “We recently had a team meeting and asked each child their level of commitment to the group for the following season. Each child was 100% dedicated, but one little boy Tyler stole my heart when he said “to infinity and beyond.” that kind of passion can only be found through joy and fun!”


CeJaye has a love for all animals and a way with horses. The bond between “Painty” and CeJaye can be seen from miles away as he would take her to the moon and back if possible. Trick Riding is her passion with Trick Ropes a close second. Her words to live by are “always be confident and never say can’t”. She loves to perform and compete in front of a crowd!
Tyler Acree:
He is a natural born redhead with a personality to match. He amuses the group with his hilarious antics and is a beloved part of the team. He is a born comedian and does a great job with silent comedy in the acts. He is also an accomplished public speaker.
Maddy Gatrel:
Is a ray of sunshine with her positive personality and work ethic. She is also known as Muddy Maddy because she loves to play in the mud. In addition to being a trick rider she loves fan dancing, poi spinning, and snowboard riding!
Dalton Gatrel:
Is one talented kid. Be it wild west props or bucking ponies this kid is a hand! You will see him trick riding, whip crackin, poi spinning, and doing rope tricks. He is also a daredevil on the snowboard!
Clayton Yantis:
 Clayton Yantis is a very driven 10 year old kid! Not only does he excel at trick riding has has qualified two times for the World Bull Riding Championship held in Texas!
Julie Yantis:
Rides for Side Show Entertainment. Her beauty, grace, and athleticism makes her a rock star at trick riding. She serves as a mentor for the other kids and is such a good role model!






Garrett Wilson aka Cowpaty is a rodeo entertainer commonly known as a rodeo clown. Cowpaty began his rodeo clown career in 2010 at 11 years of age at a small, local rodeo in my hometown of Burnsville, NC and I’m still there to this day as well as performing at SRA, IPRA and SEBRA sanctioned rodeos throughout the Southeast entertaining audiences with an old school style of comedy involving alot of slapstick, quick wits, and crowd involvement. Cowpaty also entertains audiences with his high energy, family friendly comedy acts that appeal to any audience whether they’re six or eighty six. You can find Cowpaty in the arena, along the fence during rodeos entertaining crowds or up in the stands involving audiences in his jokes and always available during a unexpected delay in the show entertaining the crowds.


How it began

Some kids grow up wanting to be a firefighter, doctor, or police officer; but not for Burnsville, NC cowboy, Garrett “Cowpaty” Wilson, I’ve always knew I wanted to entertain audiences and be a rodeo clown.


Growing up in a rodeo family, my dad competed in rodeo in his younger days competing in the bareback riding. By the time I was born he had hung it up and while I was growing up we would attend rodeo as spectators usually at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center. At a young age I began drawing interest into the rodeo clown and listening to the jokes they would tell and watching the comedy acts they would perform. When I returned home from the rodeo I would start imitating the things that I saw the rodeo clown do.


In 2004, things turned for the worse. I had a four-wheeler wreck, I overturned my 4-wheeler while I was riding it and it landed on top of me. I was immmediatley airlifted to the nearest hospital, Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. Where I was immediately put on life support, where I remained for 13 days and still remained in ICU and in a coma until I was transported to Charlotte Health & Rehabilitation Center in Charlotte, NC on October 15th where I started receiving physical, speech, and occupational therapy and I slowly started returning to my old self again, I started relearning walking, talking, and eating again. I was then released from the hospital on December 1, 2004 and got to return home.


The following month after my return home my dad and I went to the annual rodeo at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center, a yearly tradition for us. There I seen the performance of a well known, professional rodeo clown by the name of Bert Davis and his feature acts that consisted of rescued dogs that he trained specifically for his two acts that he used his dogs in, “Garbageman Nightmare” and “Muttley Crew”. After returning home that night my desire to become a rodeo clown started.  I started pretending that I was a bullfighter in my pasture “bullfighting” my goats and I got a plastic barrel in my yard pretending that I was a rodeo clown inside the barrel. My dad and I then put me a rodeo clown costume together that consisted of a pair of red jogging pants; a worn out red, white, and blue western shirt, and a black cowboy hat. So I started pretending and practicing that I was a rodeo clown. After many years following my desire to become a rodeo clown was still there. So I reached out to a rodeo about becoming the rodeo clown at their rodeos.


Then in 2010, I got offered the position of the rodeo clown at a bi-weekly small amateur rodeo in my hometown of Burnsville, NC where I still am to this today. In the years following I started getting more and more phone calls to work rodeos for different producers and stock contracors in the region. Now I’m working rodeos up and down the East Coast and all throughout the Southeast for some of the most well known rodeo producers and stock contractors in the world of professional rodeo through the Southern Rodeo Association (SRA), Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association (SEBRA), and International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA).

Mid American Cowgirls Drill Team






Dalton Morris

“Entertainer” isn’t a job title for Dalton Morris, it’s a way of life. Dalton is a third generation rodeo entertainer, and at the age of 23 he has already made a lifestyle spinning a rope and making people laugh. At the age of 3, he decided that being a funnyman in the rodeo was the best fit for him in the rodeo circuit. He dressed up, put the face painted on. He walked into his first arena and has yet to look back.

Dalton was a senior in high school when he was asked to learn a new skill for a class project. He had always admired the art of trick roping, therefore he decided to practice the skill. Since that time he has performed at several rodeo finals and special events including the 2014 & 2016 MRCA Rodeo finals, the 2014 URA Rodeo finals and he just won the International finals rodeo showcase (IFR) in both the barrelman competition and the specialty act competition. Dalton has traveled the country for the past several years entertaining Rodeo and Bullriding fans. He has also performed at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada as well as Dolly Parton’s stampede in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

You can find Professional Rodeo Entertainer Dalton Morris amusing crowds of all ages with his humorous antics and trick roping skills. You just never know what Dalton may have up his sleeve to keep you entertained.

Facebook fan page: Professional Rodeo Entertainer Dalton Morris