Cowpaty the Rodeo Clown

Garrett Wilson aka Cowpaty is a rodeo entertainer commonly known as a rodeo clown. Cowpaty began his rodeo clown career in 2010 at 11 years of age at a small, local rodeo in my hometown of Burnsville, NC and I’m still there to this day as well as performing at SRA, IPRA and SEBRA sanctioned rodeos throughout the Southeast entertaining audiences with an old school style of comedy involving alot of slapstick, quick wits, and crowd involvement. Cowpaty also entertains audiences with his high energy, family friendly comedy acts that appeal to any audience whether they’re six or eighty six. You can find Cowpaty in the arena, along the fence during rodeos entertaining crowds or up in the stands involving audiences in his jokes and always available during a unexpected delay in the show entertaining the crowds.

How it began

Some kids grow up wanting to be a firefighter, doctor, or police officer; but not for Burnsville, NC cowboy, Garrett “Cowpaty” Wilson, I’ve always knew I wanted to entertain audiences and be a rodeo clown.


Growing up in a rodeo family, my dad competed in rodeo in his younger days competing in the bareback riding. By the time I was born he had hung it up and while I was growing up we would attend rodeo as spectators usually at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center. At a young age I began drawing interest into the rodeo clown and listening to the jokes they would tell and watching the comedy acts they would perform. When I returned home from the rodeo I would start imitating the things that I saw the rodeo clown do.


In 2004, things turned for the worse. I had a four-wheeler wreck, I overturned my 4-wheeler while I was riding it and it landed on top of me. I was immmediatley airlifted to the nearest hospital, Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. Where I was immediately put on life support, where I remained for 13 days and still remained in ICU and in a coma until I was transported to Charlotte Health & Rehabilitation Center in Charlotte, NC on October 15th where I started receiving physical, speech, and occupational therapy and I slowly started returning to my old self again, I started relearning walking, talking, and eating again. I was then released from the hospital on December 1, 2004 and got to return home.


The following month after my return home my dad and I went to the annual rodeo at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center, a yearly tradition for us. There I seen the performance of a well known, professional rodeo clown by the name of Bert Davis and his feature acts that consisted of rescued dogs that he trained specifically for his two acts that he used his dogs in, “Garbageman Nightmare” and “Muttley Crew”. After returning home that night my desire to become a rodeo clown started.  I started pretending that I was a bullfighter in my pasture “bullfighting” my goats and I got a plastic barrel in my yard pretending that I was a rodeo clown inside the barrel. My dad and I then put me a rodeo clown costume together that consisted of a pair of red jogging pants; a worn out red, white, and blue western shirt, and a black cowboy hat. So I started pretending and practicing that I was a rodeo clown. After many years following my desire to become a rodeo clown was still there. So I reached out to a rodeo about becoming the rodeo clown at their rodeos.


Then in 2010, I got offered the position of the rodeo clown at a bi-weekly small amateur rodeo in my hometown of Burnsville, NC where I still am to this today. In the years following I started getting more and more phone calls to work rodeos for different producers and stock contracors in the region. Now I’m working rodeos up and down the East Coast and all throughout the Southeast for some of the most well known rodeo producers and stock contractors in the world of professional rodeo through the Southern Rodeo Association (SRA), Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association (SEBRA), and International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA).


That is the beginning of Cowpaty the Rodeo Clown to the present!