The Wind River Outfitters of Indiana

Wind River Outfitters of Indiana offers a unique experience in beautiful southern Indiana. Their camp, “Lost Cabin Pass”, provides an 1800’s style cowboy adventure. Come relax and enjoy chuck wagon meals, cowboy poetry, stories, and music around the campfire.

Many options are available, starting with a Friday evening dinner and entertaining. You may extend that evening for an overnight stay and enjoy fresh “cowboy” coffee and breakfast. Other packages include Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, or a complete weekend package Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Bring your horses and ride as much as you want on the well-kept trails of the beautiful Hoosier National Forest.

Roger Mills is an excellent cook. Many clients have said the trip was worth it just for the food. Danny Berry is an accomplished performer and cowboy poet. His horse is also part of the show.

Both are horsemen and have countless miles under saddle with clients. The canvas roofed cabins are comfortable and “rustic.” Sleep in an authentic covered wagon if you like. No electricity, but well lit with kerosene lanterns and candle lamps. Step back into time and relax in the “Wild Rose Cantina.”

So, if you want to take a trip to the West without leaving Indiana, Wind River Outfitters of Indiana and Lost Cabin Pass is the way to go. Come visit us at 2018 Hoosier Horse Fair.

For more information or reservations contact Roger Mills at 812-820-6171 or Danny Berry at 812-595-6824.


Danny Berry resides in southern Indiana, is multi-talented, passionate about many things, and busy!! He is married to Suzann and soon will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Together they have five sons, six grandsons, seven granddaughters, three horses, one dog, two full time jobs, and two part-time businesses.

Danny’s other activities include cowboy mounted shooting, providing horse rides for various church and social gatherings, and 2017 marked his fifth consecutive year as an official U.S. Postal Service Pony Express rider. He has also participated in a couple of train robberies (non-profit, of course!!

Danny is most passionate about horses and enjoys helping people with their horse problems. He says the horses are much better than a two-legged psychiatrist. A close second is writing and sharing his cowboy poetry and stories.

Danny dreamed of having horses since childhood but did not receive that blessing until the age of 45.
The summer of 2014 he was again blessed by joining Roger Mills and Wind River Outfitters of Indiana. This friendship prompted him to begin writing cowboy poetry to enhance the cowboy experience for their clients. Not long after this partnership began, his first CD “The Greenhorn’s Ride” was recorded.

Danny plans, hopefully in the near future, to leave his full-time job as a maintenance electrician and dedicate more time to Roger and Wind River Outfitters of Indiana. Additionally, he plans to continue building his personal business ‘Smooth Trails, Inc.” to include horse training, lessons, boarding, and, of course, entertaining.

Roger Mills was raised in rural southern Indiana and has always had a deep love for horses and the cowboy and western life style. This love took him to the beautiful state of Colorado. While living in the west he worked as a hunting guide and horse wrangler and learned to pack mules and horses in the backcountry. He also helped ranchers move their cattle out of the mountains so hunting season could begin. The desire to see beautiful country and get paid to ride a horse took him to Alaska where he worked as a trail guide taking tourists on horseback rides.

Back home in the Midwest he spent years as a Civil War re-enactor riding with Confederate Calvary (the 9th Kentucky), keeping history alive by re-enacting historic battles, and taking part in Calvary competition and exhibitions.

While mounted on his trusty horse, Copenhagen, he has robbed many a train, bank, and stage coach. Of course, these activities were for entertainment and the benefit of charities such as Crusade for Children.

Roger has worked as a horse wrangler for several movies and documentaries and has appeared in those on horseback. He is an accomplish chuckwagon cook, official Pony Express Rider, and cowboy mounted shooter.