Keith Ferrell

Be transported into the wild and wooly past of the American Wild West, its history and legends of cowboys, western cowgirls and pioneer women of the west such as the legendary Roy Rogers and other interesting western facts like the Pony Express Mail Delivery, famous outlaws and lawmen. The Wild West holds a special place in American history and in the heart of Keith Ferrell. Western films depict it as a place where the rules didn’t apply, and where scores were settled with gun slinging and shootouts. The colorful characters who made up the old West were men, women, cowboys, Indians, sheriffs just plain outlaws. Though we’ve come to have a more nuanced understanding of the good and the bad of the old West, we can still learn from the stories of the people who made it and who wrote about what it was. Keith has spent many years developing friendships with some of the legends and their families such as Roy Rogers. You’ll find Keith loves to share the history of the lives and times of those who populated the Wild West.

Explore the life of the cowboy who spent up to four straight months in the saddle, often in the same clothes every day. He ate every meal at the chuck wagon, drinking nothing but coffee and water. At night, if a storm came and the cattle started running, it was the cowboy’s job to jump on his horse to head off the cattle and round them up safely. Learn interesting western facts and let Keith take you back in time. Keith is also a craftsmen of Ferrell’s Old West Saddlery and produced a limited edition, museum quality copy of Roy Roger’s holster set used during his early film career. The holster and belt are expertly hand carved from fine quality saddle leather with inlaid dyed backgrounds and sterling silver decorations and hand crafted sterling silver ranger buckle set with Roy’s “RR” brand.