Morgantown Rural Volunteer Fire Dept., Technical Large Animal Rescue Team

The Morgantown Rural Volunteer Fire Dept., Technical Large Animal Rescue Team (a Non-profit organization) started in 2014.  We have 14 members on our team that are specifically trained for the Technical Level of Large Animal Rescue, and 2 local Veterinarians. We are not a team that goes out to remove animals from abuse situations.  We are technically  trained to rescue any large animal from situations like: Barn fires, Trailer accidents, cast in a stall, down in a trailer,  a down horse/animal in ravines, mud, flood water, lakes, and just any situation a large animal can get itself into.  
We study behavioral understanding of all large animals, use specialty equipment, use all methods and tactics to safely (to ourselves and the animal) extricate live large animals in emergencies and disaster areas. Any where in the State of Indiana. We have the backing of Emergency Management for county’s through out the state.  
We train at all times of the day and night and any weather.  We work under the NFPA safety guidelines for animal rescue, and the guidance and training by Rebecca Gimenez, who is the original founder of this type of training and who goes all over the world teaching.   
We will gladly come to your barn and trailer to give safety recommendations.  Myself, Denise Fletcher and my Co-Leader of the Team, Brandon Shireman, have both been around livestock all of our lives, we are both Fire Fighters, and EMTs, and when we went to our own training in 2012 we were just astounded with all we learned that we didn’t know to safely handle livestock or emergency situations.  
Some of our local rescues, 14 horses from flood water, 5 horses stuck in mud in an old retention pond, horses through the ice on lakes, and an older horse stuck in the mud of small pond in a deep ravine.  All successfully removed.