Pegg Johnson

Growing up, showing horses was my life – the only thing I cared about.  In my teenage years I wanted outfits that were different from the current off the rack offerings, so began sewing my own show clothing.

When my children began showing horses, I realized how much the world of show clothing had changed.  Until then, I had never even heard of Swarovski and putting rhinestones on your show clothing was something done in Holly wood.  

As people began to notice my children’s show clothing, they began asking me to make custom wear.  Thus began my show clothing business.  Within a few short years, I was selling my clothing at some of the largest equestrian events which included, but were not limited to:  Michigan Stallion Expo, Equine Affaire – OH, Hoosier Horse Fair, Midwest Horse Fair and the All American Quarter Horse Congress  

As more and more people began asking about creating their own show clothing, I realized that there was little information available to the general public.  To that end, I created my Sew Your Own Show Clothes line of books and DVDs.  The public still wanted more, so we began offering equestrian wear sewing retreats in various states.

While still creating custom clothing and teaching the sewing classes/retreats, I realized that I was always making changes to the existing show clothing patterns.  I wanted something different, fresh and more in tune with the style and fit that I wanted.  I wanted my own line of show clothing patterns.

It took several years, but my company – Show Clothes Unlimited –  launched its first pattern in April of 2016.  We have since added four more patterns, with many more patterns “on the drawing board”.  Patterns by Show Clothes Unlimited are available on our website (, through Ebay and on Amazon.