Stalls are 10 x 10.  Those staying the entire 3 days will be stalled in the horse barn.  Day stalls will be set up in the cow barn. Tack stalls will be shared. Stalls MUST be cleaned before leaving.  Volunteers will be available to clean your stall for $10/stall. Stalls MUST be inspected before loading up and leaving. No tie outs.

Horses will NOT be tied out at trailers overnight.



Make check payable to Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo. Check will not be deposited until notified that you have been accepted in clinics. Return Stall Reservation Form to Renetta Trissel at or call 812.241.6168

Out of state horses must have coggins and health certificate.

Note: Stall fees on the website are accurate. Form stall fees are not reflective of the new pricing structure.