Working Equitation Show


The Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo is proud to announce the Indiana’s first Working Equitation Show.

Confederation for Working Equitation USA Confederation for Working Equitation

Show Dates: May 2-3, 2019

Entries Open February 1 ~ Entries Close on April 24, 2019
Location: Hendricks County Fairgrounds
1900 E Main St, Danville, IN 46122

Show Manager:
Daniel Elliott
Martinsville, IN
Show Secretary/Technical Delegate:
Lidia Taylor
495 S 450 E
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Tarrin Warren “S”
Milano, TX


What is Working Equitation?

Working Equitation, a sport originating in Europe and gaining popularity throughout the world, is a competition for horses that work in the field. It promotes the various equitation techniques in countries that use the riding horse to work on ranches and farms. Its goal is to preserve and promote the cultural traditions, tack, and riding attire of each country.

Working Equitation is comprised of four trials:  Dressage, Ease of Handling with obstacles, Speed with obstacles, and Cows (Cattle Handling). The fourth trial is offered when available for team competitions.

Any breed of horse can compete in Working Equitation. The only requirement is that the horse be agile, bold, and responsive to direction from the rider.  Riders from any discipline can compete, e.g., dressage, eventing, reining, trail, and anything in between.

Download the Working Equitation Show Bill

Note: Stall fees on the website are accurate. Stall fees on show bill not be reflective of the current pricing structure.